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The ABC Or Fundamentals Of Interior Doors


Are doors just structures which allow access to a particular space? my response would be a NO! They are part of the home decor and hence needs to be budgeted accordingly in any home construction. shows how a stylish door complements the surrounding decor.

Each room has a function, and interior doors have to be decided based on the need and the budget allocated for it. Below is a list of interior doors available as an option

Passage doors – These are the most common doors at homes. The hinges on the door help to swing open and shut the door. They come in 2 varieties, either as a slab or pre-hung. The pre-hung type comes installed with a door frame and hence takes less effort during installation. The slab type needs to be installed by a carpenter as jambs and hinges need to be drilled in before fitting the doors.

Louver doors – These doors are used in rooms where ventilation is needed. It is typically used in laundry rooms or kitchen closets where there is a need for the flow of air but limited exposure to sunlight. These doors come in various styles, but if the requirement is for good ventilation, then a Full Louver is a good option. Louver over panel offers a stylish look.

Sliding doors – These are doors that open from left to right or horizontally. Sliding doors are used in bathrooms as a shower door or a glass door. It is also used in wardrobes or closets. These doors are a boon if space is a constraint as it does not swing open or close.

Bi-fold doors – This are doors which open by folding back into the panels. These are used mostly in closets or laundry room where physical and visual access is required. They are made of metal, wood or composite wood and has four panels.

French doors – These doors offer a stylish look to your home, on opening both the doors it gives a wide-angle view of the whole room.

Pocket Doors – These doors are ideal when space saving is needed. Pocket doors slide into and out of a hidden wall thereby saving space. These doors are making a comeback after being overlooked by architects. The disadvantage of using this door is that with parts hidden in the wall, it becomes difficult to repair or replace a broken door.

After deciding on the type of door next is the material to be used to construct the doors.

Hollow Core – These are doors which are hollow inside. These doors are very lightweight and built using construction paper or cardboard. Due to its low cost of construction, they are less expensive and highly affordable.

Solid Core – These are doors made of composite wood. Due to its density, these doors block sound better and is also more durable than the hollow core material.

Solid Wood – These are natural wood doors and can be painted or stained. There are a wide variety of solid woods available by various manufacturers.

A good mix of right style of door and material will give a great look to your home decor.

Ways To Try Out The Baju Kurung

Baju KurungThere is no doubt about the fact that most people tend to think of the Baju Kurung as a traditional outfit that can’t be used as a piece of stylish clothing. But this is not at all true. The reality is that if you are very intelligent and imaginative, then you will be able to use the Baju Kurung as a fashionable outfit, as stated by many well-known sites like You will be surprised to know that despite the modesty that is often associated with this traditional Malay clothing it can provide loads of style to you.

You will need to keep in mind that you will have to make sure that the accessories which you use when you are wearing the Baju Kurung are really stylish. The fact is that if you plan out the overall scheme of things in such a way that you are able to preserve the modesty as well as a sense of fashion that you have then you will be able to look super stylish in a Baju Kurung. It is of great essence that you love and respect the values that are associated with a Baju Kurung. If you start to embrace it rather than running from it, then it would be a very smart thing to do. There is no doubt that this is the best way to take things forward.

If you like wearing colorful clothes, then you should not compromise at all. There are plenty of colorful and designer Baju Kurungs that are available for sale on the market. It will be very smart and wise on your part if you are very careful in selecting the Baju Kurungs that you choose, buy and wear. Please keep in mind that if you buy modern looking Baju Kurungs, then you will find it very easy to look stylish despite wearing a very traditional piece of clothing. You can try wearing a hijab with a Baju Kurung to get a very stylish look.

It is vital that you pay a lot of attention to the prints as well as patterns on the Baju Kurung that you are about to choose. It will be very smart on your part if you do not shy away from having at least 9-10 Baju Kurungs in your wardrobe. This will allow you to have a variety in terms of patterns, prints as well as designs. You will already be aware of the fact that having variety is one of the most crucial aspects of looking stylish in the long run. You will also benefit a lot if you are not afraid of fusion fashion.

There is no doubt about the fact that you can change the overall look that you get from wearing a Baju Kurung if you wear a piece of western clothing to accessorize your dress. It will be a very good idea if you search for other ways to wear a Baju Kurung in a stylish way. The internet will be a very good place to find out a lot of relevant info in this regard.

What Are The Best SAT Study Books?

sat-bookThere are a lot of big tests, and one such big test is SAT. Since this is a popular test most of the publishers attempt to publish SAT study guide or have thought about releasing a book soon. You may think that all the SAT preparation books are same, but frankly speaking, it is not the same. In some books each and every page may be used while in some books, only part of the books will be used as the practice questions.

If you have prepared for the exam and feel confident on passing the exam, then you can go ahead and register for the SAT exam in Once you are done with the exams, you can log in to the same site to view your scores.

To reduce your search time here is a list of the top SAT study books.

1.The Official SAT Study Guide (2016 Edition)
In other words, you can say this book to be SAT bible. This book contains questions by those who have already taken the exam. Nowhere else you would have a better understanding of how the exam would be in reality. You will have full-length tests for practice with detailed explanations.

2.Barron’s New SAT
In this particular book, the practice questions will be clearly discussed, and clear examples will be offered. Though there are many third party publishers in the field, this book is unique when compared to others.

3.Kallis SAT Pattern Strategy
The contents of this book are bright and are really helpful. There are many practice tests available in the book though it’s hard to frame those questions. The questions may be difficult than the actual exam, but once you practice these questions, then the actual SAT exam should be a cake walk. It contains many issues which many publishers easily miss out.