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November 2016

Find The Best Outfit That Suits Your Body Shape

shape-shiftersAlways the best dress that suits your body style will make you feel good. Also, you feel more proud when you dress the best. There are many new brands in that offer you dresses that fit you well and makes you feel distinctive in such a way that it fits all figures, from slender to busty, petite or hourglass. To create a customized experience and to be in reach easier, and get a good shopping experience with the best outfits that suits your figure, you can view StyleWe now.

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A busty figure will have a huge bust, narrow hips and a waist that is not well defined. To get the effect of an hourglass figure, you should dress in such a way you draw attention towards your face and balance your narrow lower body with the upper body. To create a well-defined waist one can choose dresses that add bends to your hips. Show off your legs if you love them, but make sure you don’t go too short otherwise you will be enhanced with an unequal look.

When the body weight gets carried through the middle portion of the body, it seems to have an apple body type. One with apple figure will have a shorter waist that is indefinite with slim legs. To camouflage, the middle part of the body, a full skirt or an A-line dress will do. If your legs are long, make sure you show them off.

A body that has a skinny frame throughout is considered being of slender body type. A fitting dress will accentuate lean figures due to its slenderness. A belt around the waist, asymmetrical neckline, empire waist or an outfit with a slit will enhance your figure.

An hourglass body type looks curvy, when your top body gets balanced with the long legs and your hips and bust are in proportion to each other. Since the waist of this body type is well-defined, the best dresses will highlight your plus. The dresses that would enhance these body types are: wrapped dresses with open necklines; v-neckline highlighted waistlines and natural waistlines of the tops that are fitting would make you look simply great.

A pear shaped figure may have a well-defined waist with larger hips compared to your bust. Flaunt your waist as that portion is your plus. To build a balanced silhouette, accentuate your small waist to reduce the emphasis on your lower body and mainly see to that you add good volume to your top body when dressing. Our suggestions for a pear body shape are, to dress up with strapless tops or a fitting open neck dress and an A-line or a full skirt to hide the wider hips.

So, go for these recommendations and get dressed gorgeously by hiding the undesired body parts.