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December 2016

Shopping Tips For Getting The Perfect Engagement Ring


Have you decided to buy your wedding ring? Then you must know important eight things before your shopping process.

You don’t want to spend your time in visiting the jewelry shops nearby to buy your wedding ring. There are plenty of online jewelry store that has a wonderful collection of different jewelry items. You can check in online as rose gold engagement rings | gerry the jeweler to buy rose gold wedding rings from Gerry The Jeweler online store.

You must plan your wedding well in advance before your wedding day so that you can make the arrangements perfectly and enjoy your wedding completely on the wedding day. To plan your wedding events, you can visit the Local vendor’s page from the site

Before deciding on the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color and carat), you must decide the shape of the ring preferred by your fiancée. Shape represents the geometry of the stone and it is not same like cut which indicates the angles of sides in the stone. A traditional round engagement ring gets a modern and fresh design in a bezel setting. A trendy and cool oval engagement ring appears more traditional in a four-prone set. Choosing a right shape and setting of the ring is the key decision is purchasing a ring.

The recent trend in buying wedding ring is the wedding couples need to buy the ring together. But if you follow traditional practices and want to surprise your partner with a beautiful ring then you want to do some research. You can ask her siblings or best friend about her jewelry style and especially, expectation of her wedding ring.

If you what to do the research on your own, then you want to observe the type of jewelry she wears usually. Does she wear more Silver or Platinum jewels than wearing Gold jewelry, whether she like simple or classic or vintage collections? You want to notice the jewelry she wears for a couple of weeks and then make your decision.

When shopping a wedding band, you have plenty of options to pick from. Platinum is the more durable, popular and pure metal. If your fiancée has sensitive skin, then it is an ideal choice since it is hypoallergenic by nature. You can also consider Gold and it is available in several colors like yellow, white, green and rose gold.

Apart from gold and platinum, you can also think about palladium or a recycled metal band, which is a combination of gold and platinum. You can either consider something traditional or something trendy and the mixture of two.

The stone is the next factor to consider. You can consider loose stones rather than stones in the setting. The stones in the ring comprise major cost of the ring. You must decide whether you want a stone within your budget or something more expensive. You don’t forget to check the stone with a magnifier- mostly the jewelers have. A reliable and good jeweler will share you what type of stone and jewel you want to choose.