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SAT preparation books

What Are The Best SAT Study Books?

sat-bookThere are a lot of big tests, and one such big test is SAT. Since this is a popular test most of the publishers attempt to publish SAT study guide or have thought about releasing a book soon. You may think that all the SAT preparation books are same, but frankly speaking, it is not the same. In some books each and every page may be used while in some books, only part of the books will be used as the practice questions.

If you have prepared for the exam and feel confident on passing the exam, then you can go ahead and register for the SAT exam in Once you are done with the exams, you can log in to the same site to view your scores.

To reduce your search time here is a list of the top SAT study books.

1.The Official SAT Study Guide (2016 Edition)
In other words, you can say this book to be SAT bible. This book contains questions by those who have already taken the exam. Nowhere else you would have a better understanding of how the exam would be in reality. You will have full-length tests for practice with detailed explanations.

2.Barron’s New SAT
In this particular book, the practice questions will be clearly discussed, and clear examples will be offered. Though there are many third party publishers in the field, this book is unique when compared to others.

3.Kallis SAT Pattern Strategy
The contents of this book are bright and are really helpful. There are many practice tests available in the book though it’s hard to frame those questions. The questions may be difficult than the actual exam, but once you practice these questions, then the actual SAT exam should be a cake walk. It contains many issues which many publishers easily miss out.